Feeling lonely and sad like the piece of shit I am.

I don’t think I’ll ever be happy with myself. Friends and family can tell me that I’m not useless or a failure but it won’t mean anything. It won’t change how i feel about myself.

Why do people even bother with me.


back to short faded hair until le dread set is done! :D


Kana Urushihara coordinates

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[spins around in chair ominously] i’ve been expecting y- [chair continues to spin] shit [tries to stop spinning] shit [tries to grab at a lamp or table to stop spinning] sHIT [falls out of chair]


【通販開始】冬コミ新刊。 by えりこ*lotus

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We’re back…. 

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the disappointment in his eyes..

son why are you doing this to me

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